So what is coin collecting?

Coin collecting – or ‘numismatics’, to use its technical term – can be a very rewarding past time. We know of many collectors who have taken up collecting after inheriting a collection from their family, or maybe they have found a treasure in their pocket or received coins as a gift.

Coin collecting is certainly a hobby that unites the generations in a shared fascination with the past – and did you know it is one of the world’s oldest hobbies?

Whatever type or period of coinage you enjoy, coin collecting combines the thrill of the chase with a thirst for digging deep into history – Once the hobby of Emperors and Kings, now everyone can enjoy this wonderful trip into history.

As a collector, you will become part of a wider community of coin enthusiasts who are more than happy to share information and expertise. You can also draw on organisations like local Numismatic societies who offer exceptional knowledge of coins.

If you would like to get started in collecting, we can help come and see us at a local coin fair where you can hold history in your hands before you decide on purchasing. 

Collecting by coin type

An easy way to start collecting coins is by choosing a specific coin or a denomination – anything from a humble penny to a Gold Sovereign or a coloured $2-dollar coin and building a complete collection of year dates and varieties.

Our coloured $2-dollar coins are especially popular, not only with Australian collectors but all over the world. Since the introduction of the 2012 red poppy interest in coin collecting in Australia has exploded.

For more of a challenge, try researching the different issues of obsolete coins such as pre-decimal halfpennies or pennies and starting a collection from there. Going back in history to acquire the old issues is a fascinating way of documenting the rich history of our nation.

Even among such commonly available coins there are rarities to be found together with the occasional ‘error’ coin that made it to circulation before being quickly withdrawn.

As you can see there are so many ways to get involved in the wonderful world of coin collecting!

We can help you get started- Whatever type or period of coinage you enjoy collecting be it pre-decimal coins, decimal coins, or proof coins.

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Corio Bay Coins revisited by Chris C May 2000

A collection of coins were reclaimed from the shallow waters of Corio Bay. Mick Bloxam, a man renowned for his voluntary landscaping work at Limeburners Point, East Geelong, found them mostly in the 1970s.

The collection, only recently catalogued, are the subject of some speculation, were they dumped along with ballast by early sailors, or by the old Harbour Trust?

Were they lost by workers toiling at the nearby lime kilns, or were they associated with the old road that skirts the base of the cliffs.

Perhaps there is a simple explanation?

However another point of interest is that the famous Geelong keys were also found in this vicinity. These Keys, found in 1847, were alleged to have been left by Portuguese visitors to Corio Bay.

Undoubtedly this area has had an interesting past.

There were listed some 20 coins, 9 from the UK, one from EA, China, South Africa, Holland and the rest from Australia.

Thanks Chris for your research some 20 years ago, still of interest today.


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